Cyber Security Trends And Tactics Designed For 2017

Things are getting blur despite the fact that technology trends are moving into the advanced zones. Business owners still feel insecure, especially those that are associated with and reliant on computer systems, networks and online trading trends. In the UK each year 11% of the businesses that are operating online are dented badly by hackers.

Cyber security industry in UK therefore has gained serious attention from business owners that are keen to acquire their services so as to ensure that they are on top of any critical situation that may arise and damage their market standing.

Following are some of the trends that are associated with the modern threats:

Cyber Trends:

  • Money will continue to attract hackers towards your business.
  • Hackers may still be able to breach data using mobile platforms.
  • Targets for cyber-criminals will remain the same, i.e. high profile targets.
  • The number of exploits only in the domain of Android ecosystem will touch the figure of 12 Million.
  • Watering hole, social engineering and spear phishing will be continuously treated as preferred means for attacks.

Rising Vulnerabilities:

  • Payments through mobile phone by users will become a norm in 2017 and this factor will not go unnoticed as far as cyber attackers are concerned.
  • The interest of attackers will be diverted towards open source applications.
  • Transactions using Smartphones will touch the figures of USD 800 Billion plus in 2017.
  • 8% of the top one million public domains were expected to be at risk of attacks in 2016.
  • 36 billion devices will be fully connected to the Internet by the end of 2017. This will allow Internet of things to open windows of opportunities for threats in totally new places.

Way out:

  • Data will help in further improvements when it comes to rescue the situation with the help of smart security decisions.
  • Two out of three large organizations are already utilizing analytics for big data to improve their security framework.
  • 55% of large organizations will have dedicated security data warehouse as a response to such threats by the end of 2020.
  • Smarter versions of firewalls, anti-malware and anti-virus will be preferred by entrepreneurs so as to be able to operate online with confidence.

The situation is not going to change in the near future as far as cyber security threats are concerned so what is your strategy going to be? Will you wait for miracles to happen or are you going to get in touch with professionals in the domain of cyber security UK, the choice is yours.

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Cyber Security Trends

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